Accounting Services

financial statements
Financial Statements Our financial statement services include preparation of a business’s financial statements on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.  The profit and loss statement as well as the balance sheet for the firm are prepared and reviewed.  The information provided on these statements will be reviewed with the client to identify trends as well as strengths and weaknesses in the performance of the company.

bookkeepingBookkeeping Services – We can assist you with any bookkeeping needs you may have from the very basic to the most complex requirements—customizing our services to meet your exact needs.  It is often easier and less expensive to have an outside expert handle the company’s bookkeeping rather than handle it in-house by hiring an employee, which can be more costly in the long run. Plus, hiring an expert like FlemmerAssociates will enable you to focus on other important aspects of your business.

Cash Flow & Budget Analysis – Small and mid-sized companies can often benefit from analysis of their budgets and cash flow requirements.  For those companies that have never done budgeting or cash flowstock-photo-18368887-cut-costs analysis, let us help you see the potential in your company and ensure your business operates smoothly in this area.  For those companies that already work with budgets, our experienced staff may see trends that might otherwise be missed.

financial forecastingFinancial Forecasts & Projections – Financial forecasts and projections are a sophisticated way of looking at possible scenarios that a company may encounter.  They provide insight into what could happen and give management more information with which to make decisions which affect the future of the company.  FlemmerAssociates can help with preparing and analyzing forecasts and projections to make the most of the information.