Elder Services

elderly-health_2064340bElder Care – More and more of us are caring for our elder parents or loved ones and dealing with the difficulties inherent in the complex issues involved in elder care.  Family may be far away, have their own overwhelming demands or just not feel capable of handling the situation on their own.  FlemmerAssociates can assist with many of the financial burdens involved in caring for an elder.  This may be all that is required to allow a senior to continue to live independently.  The family can be assured that the finances are being expertly handled with absolute integrity.  Areas with which we can provide support include:

  • Basic banking services including paying bills, budgeting, check writing and balancing the checkbook
  • Ensuring that all scheduled income has been received and deposited correctly
  • Providing a record of personal assets, bank accounts, investments and liabilities
  • Reviewing long term cash flow needs to determine the individual’s financial stability
  • Providing advice and information regarding Social Security, pensions, long-term care insurance, Medicare as well as other funding options
  • Prepare and file income, trust gift and estate taxes

Provide regular reports to family detailing the accounting activities undertaken for the elder