Fraud & Forensic Services

forensic accountingFraud Detection – Fraud is the intentional deception of a company or person in order to obtain financial or personal gain on the part of the person doing the defrauding.  Fraud can occur within a business, a partnership or a relationship such as marriage.  When fraud is suspected, FlemmerAssociates can evaluate the situation and determine whether fraud occurred and if so, what happens and how much was stolen.

fraud detectionForensic Accounting Investigation – Forensic accounting is a very specialized area of fraud investigation.  To be Forensic Accounting, the results must be suitable to be presented in a court of law.  This requires specialized training in the field and most accountants do not have the background required for forensic accounting.  FlemmerAssociates has the in-depth training to handle forensic cases which may include situations which arise in insurance claims, personal injury claims, fraud and divorce cases.

lost profitsLost Profits Analysis – When fraud occurs, the value of profits lost as a result is not always easy to quantify but may be necessary for insurance purposes or to assist in criminal prosecution of the fraudster.  FlemmerAssociates is qualified to perform an analysis and place a reasonable value on the profits lost as a result of the fraud.